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About the Brand

The Idea of ​​Adara Collection was born to transform my look without having to pay more, and currently thanks to the receptivity of the brand, I am working to provide pieces that also change their mood, making a perfect combination between mothers and daughters, regardless age
The name Adara is characterized by being happy, sensitive and emotional, as well as having a great sense of humor, according to part of the study we did when looking for the name in mythology.

About Me

My name is Francy Orellana and I was born in Venezuela, but since I was 18 I lived in Los Angeles (Like many of us I had to emigrate early) and after many years, my family and I made the decision to move to Miami, so I had to reinvent myself and I started designing headbands to combine with my daughter, looking for an easy way to fix our hair, because I like it practical and above all comfortable for day to day, taking into account that every day as a mother is different .

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